Five Quick Tips on Picking the Perfect Mattress

mattress5. More expensive is frequently NOT better. Try the bed and trust how it feels to you- because you will be the one sleeping on it, not your friends. Sleep number beds are a favorite and can last a long time, but having a large bed made of two individual beds makes for a hard middle divider that’s uncomfortable to sleep on.

4. Firm is the word. Americans with low back pain find a firm mattress is most comfortable. Europeans with low back pain prefer soft mattresses. Go figure.

3. Avoid the fancy pillow tops and any soft layers on top of the firmness. This will decrease the overall feeling of firm support from the mattress itself. Plus it will save you money- chu-ching!

2. Be careful of new, higher tech materials, as materials such as latex and memory foam may not feel the best despite the hype, and may make for a warm sleep surface.

1. Shop when your back hurts. The perfect mattress is the one that relieves your low back pain. Bonus Tip: Always have a two week minimum sleep guarantee on your mattress purchase, just in case.