Happy New Year!

Winter in WisconsinHappy New Year! What an exciting time of year! A fresh new start to our same old lives! Whatever you have planned for the year ahead, I hope it includes something healthy, something new, and something fun for you and your loved ones.

When I think of a new year, I think of starting over, like a clean slate to begin anew. Whatever baggage that may have been weighing you down is now in the past, ready to be ditched and put behind us forever. But, how do you do that? Where do you start? All of us have had experiences with people in our lives that we would rather forget.

Whether or not the person who hurt us has ever or will ever apologize, it is important that we process the memory with a large dose of forgiveness, or it will inevitably eat at us, consciously or unconsciously, until we effectively deal with it. While I am not a counselor, I talk to many friends, family members, and patients who are hampered by hanging onto the wrongs of the past. Forgiving someone is not letting them off the hook, but rather taking them off your hook and putting them on God’s hook, so they are no longer your burden, according to June Hunt, author of How to Forgive… When You Don’t Feel Like It (Harvest Hunt Publishers, 2007). Hunt further states that while the process of forgiveness is not easy, it sets us free to be all God designed for us to be.

Embrace this new year with excitement and hope for all that is to come, and ready your heart for these new positive memories by cleaning your house of all of the negatives of the past. It is surely a recipe for a truly happy and healthy new year for you and your loved ones!

With anticipation,
Owner/Physical Therapist
MotionWorks Physical Therapy