Bob the TomatoI hope you are enjoying these gorgeous summertime days as much as I have been! Our family is soaking in these warm, sunny days as much as we can, knowing that those endless winter months are not too far away!

Speaking of great summertime things to do, my daughter and I had the pleasure of attending our very first Lifefest in Oshkosh a few weeks ago. Wow - what an experience! Singing songs in the mosh pit with other peeps representative of every decade - everyone knowing all the words - is not only fun, but impactful and uplifting!

I do not remember an event where I met such friendly, kind, and patient people in one place over not just an hour or two, but two full days of experiences! Attendees too were wonderful - we struck up several conversations with new teenage aged friends and of course were overjoyed to find friends of ours in attendance as well. This event requires so many volunteers of all ages, and every one of them were helpful, cheerful, and did a great job at what they were doing. The speakers and singing talent was wonderful. I was just so impressed with the event Bob Lenz has created 18 years ago. What a great way to spend an evening, day, or several days with your family - truly something for every age group - even Bob and Larry from Veggie Tales were in attendance!

This is just one of so many remarkable family-friendly events we are blessed to have right here in our own backyard in the Fox Valley. I have lived several other places in my lifetime, and I am still amazed by how many events just for families are offered at either a very low cost like Lifefest, or for no cost at all in our area. This is not the case anywhere else! If you are one of the many volunteers who help bring these events to families in our community- thank you! You really make a difference in the quality of life we all enjoy here in the Fox Valley. Your efforts make our brief Wisconsin summertime so fun and memorable, and if you have never tried some of these events right in your own backyard, now is the time!

Party on!
Jill Murphy
Owner/Physical Therapist
MotionWorks Physical Therapy