Restoring Joy by Shutting out the Noise

Hello again,

Can I have your attention? No, can I really have your attention? This month I would like to steal your attention, away from the screaming, ranting, raving, roaring negativity that is our current national discourse.

Do I have your attention? Thanks! Let’s think about something else, anything else. Cute puppies, newborn babies, or a great 90’s flashback concert? Or maybe vacation planning, a kids’ dance recital, or family game night. A walk on the first sunny, sixty degree day in spring? How about all of the above - bring it on, and see what health benefits await.

You see, all the antagonism that is impossible to avoid on our Facebook pages, Instagram, Twitter, texts, newspapers, media headlines, and everywhere else - it’s stealing from us. Yes, stealing. Not stealing our incomes (no tax plan yet), our vacations, or our financial aid for college or home mortgages. Nope, it is stealing our joy right out in front of us. It’s stealing our relationships with our friends and families, and our co-workers, creating stress and worry that is overwhelming and making everyday conversations full of angst. Worse yet, it’s affecting our health. People are feeling increased anxiety, depression, heart issues, and more. It doesn’t have to be this way!

Stop the crazy. Stop it right now. It’s in your hands, and in your ears, eyes, and everywhere else. Put it down, put it away, halt your subscriptions, and stop clicking on clear hit pieces and fluff pieces that are clearly not objective news reporting. You see, all this negativity is weighing us down. All of this arguing and bickering cannot actually change anything for the next four years. Feel free to write a letter, email your representative, donate time and money to a campaign, but really? Listen to us? How about choosing a different road altogether?

What if we donate our time and energy to volunteering, doing some immediate good right here in our community? How about doing a random act of kindness? What would happen if you smiled everywhere you went (I did it yesterday, and I tell you no one can resist smiling right back at you). If we can shut out the angst, and spread the joy, we can return the love and light found in living a meaningful life (and no, yelling at the TV is not meaningful - just sayin’).

Invest your time and energy in enriching the lives of those around you, connecting with your kids and grandkids, your spouse and your siblings, friends and neighbors. Take the time to take care of yourself- improving your health and well-being. It’s amazing how much time and energy you have when you shut out the crazy, and choose a quiet road far from the noise of the media (social or otherwise) freeway.

Yes, it is a choice. Every day we can choose to make our day and everyone else’s around us a positive, uplifting experience, or swim with the sharks, treading water, needlessly and pointlessly taking on the weight of the world. I dare you to make this change. Let me know how it goes. I’m daring myself too. I’ll keep you updated…

Refreshingly and joyfully yours,
Dr. Jill Murphy
Owner/Physical Therapist
MotionWorks Physical Therapy