Ten Things You May Not Know About Jen Spick

10. I started dance lessons when I was 5 and was on a competitive dance team for 3 years. Once I hit 7th grade I decided to play volleyball, basketball, and run track instead.

9. I served as FFA Vice President for 2 years at Little Wolf High School in Manawa.

8. I’ve visited Disney World in Florida five times so far.

7. I’ve enjoyed some unique and exhilarating experiences outside of the US, including zip-lining in Belize, horseback riding in Cozumel, whitewater rafting in Costa Rica, and swimming with dolphins and walking with flamingos in the Bahamas.

6. I love to bake, especially cookies. The old stand-by chocolate chip are my go-to.

5. I’ve survived two cruises. I cried walking onto the first one because I thought it would sink like the Titanic!

4. I love all music, but country is hands down my favorite. My first concert was Kenny Chesney at the Resch Center in Green Bay.

3.  I grew up in a town of 1,300 people, and I graduated from a high school with 49 seniors. 

2. My second home is in Tennessee where my mom lives.  She moved there five years ago, and I love visiting her and spending time in the mountains.

1. My dream car is a black Range Rover!