That Which Doesn't Kill You, Makes You Stronger

treeHappy October MotionWorks Family!

What a fantastic month this October has been! It’s not only been spectacularly beautiful fall weather, we brought on a new full time physical therapist, Cynthia Moorcroft, just in time for our 6th anniversary at MotionWorks! While we are enjoying good fortune, there’s another Wisconsin favorite that is, well, struggling a bit.

It’s no secret that Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers are not exactly having the best of times lately. Injuries can come at any time in football, but they seem to have come in spades due to the Packers this year. And for Rodgers, he is all too familiar with the time that it takes to heal a broken bone, whether surgically fixed or not.

Just like the Packers, at MotionWorks we work with people who find themselves suddenly needing our help with a new injury, whether due to surgery, a fall, or a flare of chronic back pain, modifying daily activities and attending physical therapy becomes the new way of life for a little while. At MotionWorks, we understand what you’re going through. Unexpected injuries are a downer, and add to it the expense of missing work and needing additional healthcare, it can really be a drag.

We get that here at MotionWorks. We know it’s tough to deal with pain and limitations, and it’s a struggle to not be able to do what you used to. Whether your problem is a quick fix or a long term proposition, our physical therapy staff is there to help. Our goal is to not only get you better as fast as we can, but also to help coach your comeback step by step whether that means getting back to tasks around the house, getting back to work or school, or getting back to the playing field or court. We share your vision and will be your cheerleader all along the way, while being a resource to answer your questions and allay your fears along the way.

While injuries are a bummer, we do know that patients learn a lot over the course of rehabilitation- a lot about themselves- how to be tough, resilient, patient, and how to persevere and overcome obstacles. This happens every time, whether or not the patient realizes it. The fact that good can come of bad circumstances should help everyone going through struggles to remember that one bad event does not mean the end of all that is good and enjoyable in life. This too shall pass, and you will be better for it (yes, even you Aaron Rodgers). We consider it a privilege to walk this road with you, and we love it when you come back to tell us how great you are doing! That’s what keeps us going every day- the satisfaction of seeing you improve, learn, and grow in every way possible.

While October is Physical Therapy month, it really is a month to celebrate what patients can achieve with a little help from their PT friends! So, feel free to be a bit bummed when injuries happen, but take heart as you take steps to improve, that it’s just a temporary setback. No matter how dark the future may seem in the moment, the experience will only make you stronger- for real- and our goal is to have you come back as a better athlete than before your injury! And that doesn’t sound too bad anymore, does it?!

Taking heart,
Dr. Jill Murphy
Owner/Physical Therapist
MotionWorks Physical Therapy