Dr. Rebecca Van Heuklon Named Wisconsin PT of the Year!

Dr. Rebecca Van HeuklonCongratulations to Dr. Rebecca Van Heuklon, the new Wisconsin Physical Therapy Association 2019 Wisconsin Physical Therapist of the Year! This award is a patient-nominated award presented to a physical therapist who demonstrates compassion, a high level of technical skill, and professionalism in her daily practice. Congratulations Dr. Van Heuklon, and thank you to the five individuals who nominated her for this award!

MotionWorks Now Offering Telemedicine Visits

To fulfill our MotionWorks Physical Therapy mission of serving the needs of patients in the Fox Valley with the highest quality care, MotionWorks is now offering physical therapy services through telehealth and e-visits! Telemedicine, which is covered by most insurance plans and is also available as a self-pay option, is a great solution for new and current patients who need out-patient physical therapy, but do not want to leave their home and risk exposure to COVID-19. E-visits through phone or email are an option for our current patients with Aetna, Medicare or Medicare Advantage, and Network Health Plan insurance. Telehealth visits in real-time through use of computer/laptop or mobile devices are available to patients with most other health insurance plans, including work comp and self-pay options. To find out more about our telehealth and blended care options (at home and in clinic visits) for physical therapy, call us at 920-215-2050 or email

MotionWorks Adds Cardiovascular Screening

Something as simple as having your blood pressure and heart rate taken by a nurse or medical assistant is old hat at the doctor’s office. But now in the age of telemedicine, MotionWorks Physical Therapy is rolling out a new policy for taking vitals at physical therapy visits. While it will only occur at the first or second visit for those deemed high risk for cardiovascular disease by your Doctor of Physical Therapy, we believe that taking the time to screen for heart disease risk is more important now than ever. We recognize that the majority of our patients come see us without having seen a physician first. While this makes sense for expedient physical therapy care, it could lead to a missed unknown heart or vascular issue if patients are not regularly attending annual physicals.

Doctors of physical therapy are trained to take your vitals, and we are committed to going the extra mile in checking your heart rhythm too, screening for possible arrhythmias in addition to screening for high and low blood pressure, bradycardia (slow heart rate), and tachycardia (fast heart rate). We will share your vitals information with you right as we are taking it, so you can rest assured that all is well.

If we find that something in your vitals is amiss, we will share the results with you immediately, and also with your primary physician. You and your primary physician can then determine the best course of action based on our findings. Don’t be surprised if that course of action is a check-up that includes a double check of those very same vital measurements in the doctor’s office! As always, should there be emergency cardiovascular symptoms, we will call 911 or direct you to an urgent same-day appointment with your physician, whichever is most appropriate for the symptoms you are experiencing.

Should you report or have active symptoms of a cardiovascular issue, have concerns about your heart rate or blood pressure, or you just haven’t had your vitals checked in a while, we can check your vitals anytime upon request. Don’t be afraid to make this request at the start of your physical therapy visit, and to share any symptoms with your MotionWorks’ Doctor of Physical Therapy at your next visit, if you haven’t already shared them with your physician. We are considered extended providers who work with your physician to be their eyes and ears should anything be amiss with your health and well-being between check-ups.

Finally, just because COVID-19 is on everyone’s minds, DO NOT avoid going to the ER or seeking urgent care for any symptoms of a heart attack or stroke! Call 911 or visit your local ER immediately if you have any of the following symptoms: chest pain or heaviness with or without nausea and sweating, shortness of breath, pain in the left arm and shoulder or between the shoulder blades, unusual fatigue, facial asymmetry, blurred or changes in vision, unusual and/or worst headache of your life, slurred speech, sudden weakness or loss of sensation on one side of the body.

What You Need to Know about COVID-19

Extra Precautions to Keep You Safe

At MotionWorks Physical Therapy, we recognize this is an unprecedented time, bringing uncertainty and unease – especially regarding visiting a medical facility. We want you to know that we have increased our already stringent procedures, so you can feel safe, secure, and confident in once again receiving in-person physical therapy at our clinic.


Here's what we're doing...

  • Updated visitor and companion policies – To limit the overall traffic in the practice, we are limiting patients to one (1) essential visitor/companion, and asking patients to not bring any visitors, unless absolutely necessary.
  • Infection prevention precautions – We thoroughly clean and sanitize our reception area, waiting room, all patient treatment rooms, gym and therapy equipment, and restrooms according to the recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). In-office infection control measures are readily available for our patients and visitors, such as masks, alcohol-based hand sanitizers, tissues, hand soap, and waste receptacles. And we have taken extra steps by removing shared items like magazines.
  • Screening – We are screening all patients and visitors for symptoms of cough, shortness of breath, or fever prior to entering the waiting area. If the screen is positive, we will ask the patient to immediately leave and consult with their physician by phone regarding their symptoms.  Any physical therapy appointments may be re-scheduled following two negative coronavirus tests or after receiving clearance from their primary physician.
  • Mask precautions – All clinic staff are asked to wear a mask to protect the health and well-being of our patients
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE) – PPE is in use at levels recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and we are confident in our supply.
  • Social distancing – All clinic staff, patients, and visitors will adhere to social distancing guidelines by encouraging immediate rooming of patients by our receptionist, and the majority of all treatments are carried out in private treatment rooms.


Providing more options to stay in touch with your provider...

  • In-person appointments continue to be available and we look forward to seeing you in person again.
  • Telemedicine visits continue to be offered and covered by the majority of health insurance plans including Medicaid and Medicare due to the federal emergency related to the coronavirus pandemic.  While the highest quality physical therapy care is ultimately provided in-person, especially for the very first initial evaluation, all of our Doctors of Physical Therapy offer the convenience and peace of mind of audio-visual (computer/phone/Ipad), phone, and email visits.  You may now “visit” your provider from wherever you may be (provided you have cell phone reception and a reliable internet connection!)


Keeping you informed…

Our practice constantly evaluates our procedures to ensure they are aligned with CDC guidelines to keep you safe.  For more information, please visit our continually updated COVID-19 info on our website at or check out up-to-the-minute updates on our MotionWorks Physical Therapy Facebook page.   Now, more than ever, we are committed to providing you with a safe and transparent experience, and we welcome your thoughts and questions.


Helping you stay healthy and manage your healthcare needs…

  • To keep your immune system strong and your overall health in good condition, maintain a regular exercise routine and follow your healthcare providers’ regimen in controlling any chronic conditions, such as heart disease, diabetes, and asthma.
  • Don't ignore other health concerns, which could place you at greater risk of complications.  Call 911 or report any new symptoms to your healthcare provider without delay for urgent signs and symptoms of a heart attack or stroke.
  • Come in for regularly scheduled visits and take your prescribed medications.


We're still here for you – safer and more secure than ever before…

We're implementing enhanced precautions so you can confidently return to your Doctor of Physical Therapy and get the care that's right for you. Your health and well-being are why we're here. Contact our office to schedule an appointment at 920-215-2050.  MotionWorks Physical Therapy is advising all staff to stay home if any symptoms or exposures occur.   As always, we ask that our patients do not attend any physical therapy visits if you have any active signs of illness to keep our staff and other patients safe.  Please call to cancel your upcoming appointment(s) should symptoms or any exposures to others who might have COVID-19.  Please cancel any in-person visits if you have been quarantined.  Those who are feeling otherwise well and are without fever but are quarantined are welcome to utilize our telemedicine offerings for physical therapy visits during quarantine.  Please contact our front desk immediately to modify any currently scheduled in-person visits at 920-215-2050.


If you are one of our scheduled patients, please ask yourself the following screening questions prior to attending your appointment:

  1. Have you recently felt feverish or experienced respiratory symptoms such as a cough or shortness of breath?
  2. Within the past 14 days, have you traveled outside of the country or to any areas within the country currently experiencing a high level of COVID-19 cases?
  3. Have you been in contact with someone who has, or is suspected to have, COVID-19?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, please call us at 920-215-2050 to cancel your appointments for the next 14 days, stay home, and self-quarantine.
If you think you might have symptoms of coronavirus (fever, cough, shortness of breath), call your physician's office or one of the local health systems to find out how you can be tested immediately.

If you have emergency symptoms of consistent chest pressure or pain, turn bluish in the lips or face, are confused or difficult to arouse, or have difficulty breathing, call 911 and let dispatch know if you suspect you may be infected with coronavirus.

We appreciate your cooperation as we do our part to keep our community safe, and we will continue to follow CDC and Winnebago County guidelines and update as needed on our MotionWorks Physical Therapy Facebook page. If you have any questions or concerns, you can also contact us by phone at 920-215-2050 or email at  Please do not panic, but maintain common sense infection control measures in your home with frequent hand washing and reducing unnecessary exposures to reduce you and your family's risk of COVID-19.

How do you know when to seek care?  What are the symptoms of COVID-19 compared with the flu and other upper respiratory illnesses?  Check out the infographic we have provided for details.  Remember to call, message your physician on their health portal, or complete an e-visit before heading to any clinic or ER for care if you suspect you may have COVID-19!