About Us

Manual TherapyWhy come to MotionWorks for your physical therapy?

At MotionWorks Physical Therapy, we strive to provide the optimal healing environment for each patient with a relaxed, spa-like setting, your choice of beverage, personally selected music and adjustable lighting in each treatment room, and complimentary access to our fitness center and private shower/restroom areas before and after each visit.  No one wants to go to the hospital if they aren't sick.  Our patients are treated in a free-standing clinic that is conveniently located, with just off the highway access, close to home and work, with easy parking just steps away from the door.

We offer our patients convenient hours to choose from, including before and after work or school, and even on a Saturday if need be.  We offer you an initial evaluation appointment within 24 hours of your request.  Complimentary injury screenings for friends and family are also available anytime by appointment.

Patients want respect, and they want a say in the type of treatment they receive. They also want timely, efficient, and effective care to maximize the value of the healthcare they receive. At MotionWorks Physical Therapy, we value your time, your opinion, and your input when crafting your goals and treatment plan. We won’t keep you coming if what we’re doing isn’t working. We’ll change our approach, and try something new. We won’t tell you it’s all in your head. We’ll take the time to listen, and take the time to re-evaluate if your symptoms are not improving. If we can’t help you, we’ll send you to someone who can.

Our physical therapists and  insurance billing specialist take the time to complete all of the paperwork and phone calls necessary to assure the highest level of insurance reimbursement for the services we provide.  We take care of every detail, obtaining timely authorizations to prevent any delays in obtaining treatment, and filing reviews and appeals as needed on our patients' behalf.  At MotionWorks Physical Therapy, our patients are the boss, not insurance companies.  We provide appropriate therapy services to the extent necessary for you to meet your functional goals not limited by incentives offered by some local provider and insurance networks that make money by rationing the care you receive with a pre-determined limited number of visits, whether or not your have met your goals.

MotionWorks Physical Therapy is a group of physical therapists dedicated to providing a premier level of care to our patients, utilizing the highest level of skilled services and personalized, hands-on care that only a boutique physical therapy practice can deliver. An increasing rarity in the current cost-cutting climate of healthcare, you will be treated by the same physical therapist who evaluated you, not by a PT assistant you’ve never met. After all, who knows what you need better than the person who assessed your movement pattern to begin with? If your physical therapist does happen to be out of the office for a day, your optimal physical therapy experience will be provided by another physical therapist who is equally skilled and just as dedicated to meeting your individual therapy needs as your primary provider. This is why our patients get better, faster.



With specialties in sports medicine and manual physical therapy, MotionWorks Physical Therapy will be the provider of choice for exceptional quality orthopedic physical therapy services to improve the health and well-being of individuals in Neenah/Menasha and the greater Fox Valley community.



MotionWorks Physical Therapy is founded on the following principles:

  • Patients will be thoroughly evaluated to accurately determine and treat the actual source of the problem, not just the symptoms, which will help reduce the risk of re-injury.
  • By assisting clients to achieve efficient movement patterns and improved neuromuscular balance, optimal function will be attained in an expedited fashion.
  • Patients are treated in a comprehensive manner, addressing the needs and goals of the whole person.
  • Physical therapy will be provided in a clean, comfortable, relaxing, encouraging, and supportive environment to promote healing.
  • Physical therapy staff continually strives to improve and update clinical skills by attending specialty education courses.
  • Physical therapists function as part of a healthcare team that consists of local physicians, specialty physicians, and other health care providers to provide timely and effective injury management and healthcare utilization.
  • Patients will receive the highest quality physical therapy services by physical therapists specifically trained to meet their needs. If their needs require a specialty that is not available, the patient will be referred to the appropriate specialist in a timely fashion.



  1. Every individual will be treated as each staff member would prefer to be treated.
  2. All clients will be provided with an optimal healing environment and the highest quality, skilled physical therapists to maximize the benefits of each treatment, contributing to the overall success of each client’s individualized plan of care.
  3. Establishing on-going, genuine and personal relationships with patients, clients, providers, and all others will set us apart as the premier physical therapy providers and promoters of health and wellness in our community.