Affordable Off-the-shelf Orthotic Options

In addition to carrying the full orthotic medical sandal line from Vasyli, we also carry the full off-the-shelf orthotic line, stocking all types and sizes. Although we specialize in custom foot orthotics at MotionWorks, off-the-shelf foot orthotics are a great choice for people who are considering getting custom orthotics, but are uneasy about how they will feel and/or the price associated with custom foot orthotics.

The Vasyli line of orthotics come in a wide variety of choices that are great options for just about everyone:

Vasyli Customs Medium Density

Vasyli Customs Medium DensityThe Vasyli Customs Medium Density blue orthotic is the most popular choice, as most of us need some assistance with excess pronation.

Vasyli Custom Easyfit

Vasyli Custom EasyfitFor those of us who already have custom orthotics in our work-out shoes, but need some help with our hard to fit, every day dress shoes, the Vasyli Custom Easyfit is an exceptional choice. The Vasyli Custom Easyfit is also a great choice for cleated sports shoes, as this one will fit in the soccer cleats and track and cross country spikes.

Vasyli Custom Slimfit

Vasyli SlimfitFor ladies who frequently wear high heels, the Vasyli Custom Slimfit will provide the same comfort as the thicker orthotics but still fit in your specialty dress shoe.

Vasyli Shock Absorber

Vasyli Shock AbsorberFinally, the Vasyli Shock Absorber is the perfect orthotic for the few among us who have pain due to high arches, and need some shock absorbing support instead of rigid pronation control.


If you are unsure of what type of orthotic you will need, call to schedule a 10 minute off-the-shelf orthotic appointment with one of our physical therapists at no charge to you, so we can give you the advice you need to address whatever problems you have. With the Vasyli orthotic line, we can customize each orthotic to address additional common foot issues such as metatarsalgia, plantar flexed first toe, and leg length discrepancies.

If you are interested in checking out this line of orthotics, just stop in. We are open weekdays from 8-3:30, but we are open until 5pm on Mondays and Wednesdays. If you need after work hours, just call ahead at 920-215-2050, as we are frequently open later depending on our patient schedule.