Ask a PT: How do I know if I need Physical Therapy?

Jill Murphy PTWow- that’s a great question I don’t think we’ve answered yet. There are several reasons why you may need physical therapy in your lifetime.

First, if you have had a recent orthopedic, oncology, or any other surgery with a decent incision, physical therapy can help from just scar tissue mobilization, to early movement of the affected limb, guiding an exercise program that is safe and beneficial to ensure a quick return to athletics, and to work on strengthening, stabilization, and endurance of the affected area.

For non-surgical injuries, if you have iced an injury to a bone, tendon, joint, or ligament, and rested from your normal activities for over a week with no improvement, you definitely should check out what a physical therapist can offer you. From injury assessment (including referral to the appropriate provider if you need a specialist other than physical therapy), treatment, and instruction in exercises directed specifically at the problems you are experiencing, there is no faster way to recover from an injury than getting help right away when an ache or pain is lingering and limiting your activities.

At MotionWorks, we have complementary injury screenings available daily by appointment to help you decide what you may need to address your injury or pain. Call 920-215-2050 to book an injury screening today if you need a little extra help to get back in the game.