Ask a PT: I’m not getting any results for low back pain. Is there any benefit to seeing a physical therapist?

Manual Physical TherapyAsk a PT: I’m not getting any long-term results from seeing my chiropractor for low back pain like I used to. Is there any benefit to seeing a physical therapist?

This is a good question we get asked on a weekly basis. The answer is yes, it is definitely worth seeing a manual physical therapist who will provide hands-on care to address the soft tissue, joint mobility, stretching, and strengthening and stabilization that is necessary to treat flares and keep them from coming back. Many people who have not found relief with chiropractic care find relief both day to day and a long term solution with all of the exercises and self-management techniques they learn in physical therapy along with fully addressing all soft tissue and joint restrictions from a highly trained professional versus a mechanical massager or massage table (it is definitely NOT the same). If you have any red flag signs, like a loss of bowel or bladder function, weakness in one of your legs causing difficulty walking, or numbness that is worsening or not going away, you may benefit from seeing your physician first to see if an MRI is a good idea prior to seeing a physical therapist in case you need to consult with a neurosurgeon. Our physical therapists at MotionWorks are highly trained in the treatment of neck, back, TMJ, and headaches issues, and are ready to take on the most challenging of cases!