Ask a PT: My doctor is referring me to physical therapy. Are all physical therapists the same?

MotionWorksGreat question. Thank you for asking! Just like different doctors specialize in different areas of the body and different treatment approaches, whether using medications, injections, or surgery to treat your condition, physical therapists also specialize in various types of physical therapy and treat different types of patients with a wide variety of techniques. At MotionWorks, we specialize in treating children and adults of all ages for orthopedic, sports medicine, post-operative, and spine injuries, including fibromyalgia, chronic pain, TMJ dysfunction, headaches, SI joint dysfunction, back and neck pain. Our treatment techniques include specific flexibility and strengthening exercises, as well as hands-on manual therapy that is highly effective in speeding recovery, whether a simple sports injury, a total knee replacement, or a complex spine injury.

Beyond the basics of exercise, we also instruct patients in prescriptive exercises to fix biomechanical flaws that can lead to further injury or re-injury, and also prevent the injury from occurring again. We also promise to coach you back to activity, in the safest and speediest way possible, to get you back to the life you enjoy faster than anyone else.

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