Build a Better Body- Part VII: Advanced Exercise Ball Routine

Jill Murphy, DPT, LAT, CSCS

Part of our Build A Better Body series.

All good things must come to an end! This is the final article in our Build a Better Body Series. Congratulations if you have been following along from start to this finishing article on advancing the plyoball exercises you began last month. By now you should feel taller, stronger, and more balanced, ready to take on any exercise challenge as well as the physical hurdles in everyday life!

Some of these exercises are a natural progression of the ones we started last month, while others may just resemble circus tricks! The idea is to do something fun and challenging! Just remember, no injuries, please!

Bridging with Feet on the Ball with Alternating Leg Lifts

Bridging with Feet on the Ball with Alternating Leg LiftsBuild a Better Body - Part II: Mythbusting the Abs if you have never done this before for further direction in how to do this before continuing on.)

2) Lift your hips up into a full bridging position, so your body makes a straight line.

3) Lift one leg into the air off the ball. Option to hold for 5 seconds. Then return this foot to the ball, and repeat the lift with the opposite leg.

4) Repeat alternating leg lifts 10-15x while maintaining a quality abdominal brace and bridging position.

5) Progress this exercise by positioning your arms in a crossed position over your chest instead of resting flat on the floor.


Prone Exercise Ball Walk-out with Push-ups

Prone Exercise Ball Walk-out with Push-ups

Position: With at least six feet of room in front of you, roll forward over the ball on your stomach, and slowly walk your body out off the ball until just your knees, shins, or feet remain on the ball. Remember to perform an abdominal brace to support a straight back with your body in a straight line position once your belly is off the ball.

1) Perform push-ups as you normally would until you are fatigued.

2) Return back onto the ball by walking yourself backwards, maintaining the abdominal brace until your belly is back on the ball.

3) Other options out of this position include walking or stepping your hands side to side out of the push-up position. You can really progress the difficulty by performing alternating arm lifts out of the push up position.


Tall Standing on the Exercise Ball

Tall Standing on the Exercise BallTall Standing on the Exercise Ball

Position: A partner spotter is highly recommended for this exercise to ensure your safety. Kneel on the ball with your shins and feet on the surface of the ball, using the wall or another person’s assist (standing in front of your with forearms extended toward you, with their elbows be their side).

1) Perform an abdominal brace and keep your back tall to maintain this position as long as you can.

2) Can repeat multiple times in each session.


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