Facing your Fears

It’s been a busy month already, and April has just begun. Wisconsinites have just voted in the Presidential primary, and peeks of springtime are here again. For those of you who have been following the Presidential campaign, nearly all of us step away from those conversations thinking, you surely would need to be pretty thick-skinned to run for President these days. From the spouses to the kids and the candidates themselves, it takes quite a bit of fearlessness to toss your hat in the political ring and give up your calm private life for the most powerful position in our country and arguably on Earth.

It takes a lot to be fearless. A lot of guts, dreams, gusto, and willpower to continue on even when the forecast is less than sunny. However, sometimes being fearless can bring you places you never thought you could go. I remember a random day in my sophomore year of college when I considered singing the national anthem for a Concordia University basketball game. Just the thought of singing in front of a crowd of people, some of whom were my peers, made my heart pound as I broke into a sweat. The thought kept bothering me as I went about my daily business for a day or two. So much so, that eventually I decided that if I was that nervous about something, that I had better just face my fear and do it. I talked to the athletic director, and sure enough, a couple of days later, I sang the national anthem before a women’s basketball game. I faced my fear, and I was never afraid to sing the national anthem again.

It takes a lot of confidence to do many things in life. I was reflecting on one of my friends starting her own business and “putting herself out there” in support of her new endeavor. She was telling me how it improved her confidence as she learned to do something new to not only help her own family but help others as well. There really is something to be said about being fearless. It’s really about living life full bore, like a little boy or girl riding bike downhill as fast as you can just to feel the wind through your hair. Living life a bit less certain, but realizing you have nothing to lose and everything to gain, can propel anyone to the next level.

Is there something in life that makes your heart beat fast as you think about just the idea of it? Asking your boss for a raise or a change in your work schedule? Asking your spouse about an upcoming trip? Beginning a new volunteer endeavor? Moving where you always wanted to live, but never had the guts to follow through and give it a try? Participating in your first missions trip? Taking on a student intern or mentoring a student or another professional? Offering to put together a PTO event, or an event for your professional organization? It takes a lot of fortitude and energy, but you may just find out that deciding to climb that cliff you previously thought was unscalable will give you a new lease on life. More energy and direction that you, your career, your family, your marriage, have ever had before. And don’t forget about the people you meet and the problems you solve along the way. The things you learn in the process, not just the accomplishing at the very end give us newfound wisdom and knowledge we never would have found if not for a moment of fearlessness.

Take on your biggest fear and step into something new this month, and see where it takes you! Consider yourself challenged, and let us know how you do!

Courageously Yours,
Jill Murphy
Owner/Physical Therapist
MotionWorks Physical Therapy