New Year, New Face!

Happy New Year MotionWorks Family!

It surely is a happy new year seeing that I am writing this on a sunny and mild January day! I hope you and yours are doing well in this New Year so far. Did you make any New Year’s Resolutions? If you have read any of my blog on the subject, you already know what I think of them:). But my daughter McKenzie was quite serious about her list of New Year’s Resolutions (on January 7!:) So she doesn’t have the concept down just yet, but the items she had written down on her list were spot on for her own self-improvement!

Speaking of improvement, I may not believe in New Year’s Resolutions, but I totally believe in continuous improvement both personally and professionally. This year will be the most exciting year for MotionWorks Physical Therapy since we opened in 2011! Why? We have so many new things to introduce and share with you! New staff, new programs, new physical therapy services, new equipment, new treatment rooms, the list goes on and on!

We will be rolling out these new improvements as we make them on Facebook- so be sure that you “Like” the MotionWorks Physical Therapy Facebook page to be the first to know!! And while you are there, be sure to rate our services and leave a comment so others can read about the benefits of a hands-on, manual therapy physical therapy approach available only at MotionWorks!

So, the first announcement? Dr. Jill Murphy (yours truly!) has returned for full duty! I have recovered very well from both spine and heart procedures and have really enjoyed treating patients again! My schedule is already fairly full, so don’t wait to call for your appointment.

Second announcement: we just brought in a new piece of equipment called a NuStep! A NuStep is best described as a seated elliptical for the arms and legs. It’s a great fitness idea for those recovering from a total knee or hip surgery with an easy on/off rotating chair, and adjustable arm and leg distances, as well as those with arthritis or other injuries to the shoulder, hips, knees, and back.

Third announcement: we are offering gym memberships! You will find the specifics of our brand new MotionWorks Get Fit Gym program in this month’s newsletter, but this allows members of our community to utilize our fitness equipment on weekdays during regular business hours, instead of dedicated a full gym membership elsewhere, on a monthly basis.

Finally (saving the best for last!), we have a brand-new to MotionWorks physical therapist to introduce to you- Dr. Rebecca Van Heuklon! Rebecca is an exceptional physical thearpist, with many years of experience treating neuromusculoskeletal injuries and post- operative orthopedic and spine cases (including scoliosis), with specialties in dry needling and treating neurology diagnoses such as MS and Parkinson’s disease. Dr. Van Heuklon is committed to delivering quality, patient-centered care, individualizing each patient’s specific needs to create the best results and expedited return to full function.

Whew! That is a lot of announcements for one month! As you may have noticed, we are so excited for the future of MotionWorks Physical Therapy! Our practice volume is growing, with the majority of our patients learning about us through word of mouth referrals from you- our satisfied clients! As more and more patients are paying for their care essentially out of pocket for physical therapy services due to high deductibles, our community has realized the benefits of individualized, high quality, hands-on physical therapy, and appreciates the efficiency this approach to care delivers. Less costly, higher value physical therapy care results in less time spent out of sports and work, and more time enjoying leisure activities due to a faster recovery from injury or surgery. When patients realize that they can access our services without even having to go to a physician first, this too saves time, money, and eliminates unnecessary testing and medications, when statistics show that a quick start in PT can reduce the need for costly imaging and strong opioid medications.

While many things are changing, some things will always stay the same! MotionWorks still offers your first initial evaluation within 24 hours of your call, email, or Facebook message. We still will check on your insurance for you as well, to make sure we can see you without a referral, or inform you if you do need a referral. Don’t forget that if you have an ache or pain that isn’t going away, but you are not sure what to do about it, we still have complementary injury screenings by appointment, just call 920-215-2050 to reserve your spot!

Happy New Year!!
Dr. Jill Murphy
Owner/Physical Therapist
MotionWorks Physical Therapy