I have already tried physical therapy. How will additional physical therapy at MotionWorks benefit me?

The physical therapists at MotionWorks specialize in the tough to treat cases that may not be improving by the typical physical therapy approaches provided elsewhere. We believe there is more to physical therapy than providing exercises and teaching you how to cope with your pain. Our physical therapists provide thorough initial examinations as well as re-evaluations each visit to make sure we are on the right track to improve both your pain and function. By finding and treating the source of the pain, and not just the symptoms, with a hands-on manual therapy approach, we have delivered success for patients who were struggling to improve. We do not provide a magic bullet, but we will teach you how to manage any on-going symptoms with self-treatment techniques, modify activities including work-outs based on you feel each day, and make everyday postures and movements safely and more efficient without flaring your symptoms.