Improving Patient Outcomes and Quality of Care

High Patient SatisfactionJill Murphy, DPT, LAT, CSCS

There is much debate in the healthcare industry these days about quality of healthcare, measuring patient outcomes, and how to improve patient outcomes, all while containing costs. While one of the goals of the Affordable Care Act was to accomplish these huge tasks, nearly everyone in Washington has to confess that even with the most optimistic projections, the ACA will not be able to do all of the above.

Even before the ACA becomes fully implemented, providers around the country are taking a closer look at how each provider can make a difference in improving quality of care, meeting patients’ needs, and improving outcomes. If these three items are accomplished, one could argue that cost containment will take care of itself. If a patient is happy with his or her care and his or her needs have been met with the first provider they see, this should result in good outcomes. If conservative care with one provider can take care of the problem, eliminating the need for multiple appointments with specialty providers, additional tests, progression of the problem requiring surgery or hospitalization, and on-going care or medication, the cost savings could be tremendous without any reduction or rationing of care.

This month MotionWorks Physical Therapy is celebrating its second anniversary in business. So far, our patients are realizing that there is a difference in where you attend physical therapy. They are experiencing one of our primary goals, that is to provide the highest quality physical therapy in the Fox Valley by providing one-on-one physical therapy with the same highly skilled physical therapist each visit. MotionWorks Physical Therapy takes quality of care very seriously, measuring this quality in both the functional outcomes for each patient as well as each patient’s satisfaction with every aspect of their care, from the reception area to billing, and of course, to the actual care they receive each visit. We want each patient to feel our mission, that is to care about our patients, not just the problem for which they are seeking treatment, and to help improve their overall health and wellness and help in creating and reaching their fitness goals. To make physical therapy fun, enlightening, encouraging, a positive learning experience, with a unique, personalized approach to each patient.

If you have been a patient at MotionWorks, then you already received our patient satisfaction survey that we send to every patient we treat to discover how we are doing in meeting the needs of our patients, and how we can improve and do even better in the future. We appreciate each returned survey, and we really value your opinions and comments. Here are a few examples of comments we recently received from our patients…


"Liked that I was able to do pool therapy and able to get in"

"PT at my Dr office was a month wait."

"Jill is compassionate and superbly competent. Cathy, the office person, is friendly, accommodating, helpful."

"Greatly satisfied. Have recommended to others."

"I had a great trip to Colorado skiing & didn’t re-injure my shoulder. I had very few falls & no serious ones at all. I loved being out there. Thanks for getting my shoulder in shape for returning to normal living."

"Jill was by far the best PT I have ever been to. I was very pleased with her techniques and I felt she was very knowledgeable in her field. I would definitely recommend her services. Also, her office was aesthetically one of the best… It was clean and uncluttered… Thank you Affinity for adding MotionWorks on your list of providers."

"Awesome coffee. Well put together office."

"I have gone to other physical therapists but Jill was by far the best. She always listens to my concerns and answers my questions promptly. I always got an appointment in a timely manner and Cathy was always so helpful and she took special care to make sure the billing was completed and future appointments made. Keep up the awesome job!"

"Very nice staff and very competent physical therapist."


Thank you to each of our patients who fill out our patient satisfaction surveys. We review them frequently and make changes every month to streamline processes, improve communication with you, your doctors, and other providers, keep our office warm and comfortable, and provide physical therapy treatment in a way that not only meets, but exceeds your expectations. Our patients are our boss, and our sole measure of the success of our business. This is how we define putting patients first.

If you have received excellent care from the physical therapists at MotionWorks Physical Therapy, be sure to spread the word! Plus as a token of our appreciation, please check out our referral rewards…