Let’s Get It Started

Dear MotionWorks Family,

It’s been a while. Two years in fact. But it’s finally near, or is it already here?  Wait, nope, not even going to say it.  But you all know exactly where I’m going with this.  It’s time, and we’ve all been waiting.  And it just happens to coincide with spring.

Now before you get out there and return to every single activity you ever did prior to COVID dumping a cold bucket of water over our every ambition, there’s some things you should know.  First, we’re all a bit older since the last time we donned that athletic gear, and for many of us, a couple of pounds heavier.  And we are coming out of a Wisconsin winter, so don’t forget to warm up, cool down, and stretch those tight and Zoom-shortened legs after your work-out.  

Speaking of those Zoom meetings, be sure to continue to take those walking breaks between all of those on-line gatherings, because if your job is like most, it also looks a bit different than it did back in 2019.  More sitting (albeit less of that sitting time in traffic), less walking, fewer meetings.  However, more screens than ever instead of interacting in person leads to more stiff necks, headaches, and overall fatigue by the end of the work day.  Don’t forget to take those frequent breaks, and when you can, meet up with people in person.  If you’re anything like me, I have realized just how much I love hanging out with people, no matter how introverted I think I am.  And put the computer and devices away the rest of the day, get outside, and interact with loved ones, as we have more to maintain than just our physical health and our pocketbooks, if COVID taught us anything.

Finally, use the info in this month’s newsletter to help you break back into a fitness routine you love without the masks while avoiding injuries!  Returning to an activity you used to do is the time when most people get injured, because their body is just not prepared to start back right where you last left off in 2019.  Build a cardio base prior to starting that weightlifting program, and don’t forget the flexibility exercises for every muscle you train.  If static stretches bore you, consider the livelier functional warm-up to get your blood pumping, and then check out our Build a Better Body series for some great exercises to target common trouble spots like abs and gluts.  Start small, with lower weights, higher reps, to keep your work-out routine progressing without any injury setbacks.  Feeling a new pang or strain?  Feel free to utilize our extensive library on injury related topics at motionworkspt.com for some quick tips to get back in the game in no time.

MotionWorks Physical Therapy is here to help you get back to the joy of living!  Don’t forget about our complementary injury screenings, and initial evaluation appointments are available within 24 hours of calling Michelle at 920-215-2050.  So let’s get it started!  Life after COVID never looked so good!

Actively Yours,

Dr. Jill Murphy
Owner, MotionWorks Physical Therapy