MotionWorks Inclement Weather Policy

If the weather is appearing dangerous and frightful, we leave it up to our patients to decide whether it is safe to travel to their physical therapy appointments, since many of our patients travel very short, or very long distances from all directions to see us. We always want our patients to be safe, so please call and cancel if you do not feel you can safely travel to your physical therapy appointment. We also try to re-schedule appointments in advance of major snow and ice events to try to get the appointment in a day ahead or a day after the major event so you can still get your physical therapy in. We do rarely close the clinic if we simply cannot keep our parking lot cleared of snow, and the weather is so bad that we fear for the safety of our patients and employees. If this is the case, we will call you directly to cancel the appointment, place a notice on our MotionWorks Facebook page, and announce the clinic closure on local TV stations, especially In the meantime, be sure to Like our MotionWorks Facebook page, and give us your updated contact phone number and email address, so we you can stay in the loop in the event of any scheduling changes.