MotionWorks Top Ten Health-Conscious Gifts for Athletes

10. Gel-filled moldable professional ice pack: Get the right size to hit all the right spots. You won’t find a cold pack this sweet in stores. $20-standard size, $22-cervical (neck) size

Ice Pack

9. Exercise ball: Use this ball for all of your spine stretching and strengthening needs, as well as a full body work-out for strength and stabilization. While you can find these in a lot of places, you won’t find all of the sizes (size is height dependent), and you won’t find a handy elf ready and willing to pump up the ball at your request. $25 - all sizes

Exercise Ball

8. Z disc Gliderz: A necessity for anyone who Zumbas in their living room, basement, or anywhere else. Get the right footwear to do Zumba right! $15 - all sizes


7. Shoulder Pulleys: Plan ahead for your loved one who is facing rotator cuff surgery in the New Year and get back to moving that arm that much faster. $15

Shoulder Pully

6. Theracane: Anyone who has one knows - this is the stocking stuffer that keeps giving the love to that shoulder muscle tension all year long. $35


5. Foam roller: Tried and true, the 6 inch by 36 inch log of closed cell foam is the best way to roll away those achy leg, calf, and butt muscles. $25

Foam Roller

4. Vasyli Customizable Foot Orthotics: Get a gift certificate for that loved one and they will thank you all year. That gift certificate pays for a one-on-one consultation with a PT to get you fitted with the correct orthotic for your feet, complete with customized add-ons as needed. $35-40


3. Runners Evaluation with Videotaped Gait Analysis: The big kahuna of the gift list this year, perfect for any runner, young or old, amateur or advanced, looking to up their running game and stay inury-free in the coming year. Included biomechanical assessment and videotaped analysis from a physical therapist who is an experienced running specialist. DECEMBER SPECIAL: $150

runner's evaluation

2. Biofreeze: The ultimate stocking stuffer perfect for the throwing ace, weekend warrior, and for grandma’s arthritic back. $12-gel or roll-on (stock up now- price increases in January!)


1. NEW THIS YEAR! MotionWorks Logo Running Socks: These dry-wicking socks work magic in your shoes, helping to prevent blisters and keeping your feet cool and dry. Stocking stuffer priced at $8 - all sizes

Running Socks