Urgent Headache Care Program: Frequently Asked Questions

Urgent Headache CareThese are the most common questions we get about our Urgent Headache Care Program:

1. Do I need to have a doctor’s order? No you do not need a doctor’s referral to attend physical therapy in the state of Wisconsin. While some insurance companies may require it to reimburse for physical therapy services, because the urgent care headache visit is not typically covered by insurance, this stipulation is not required.

2. Can I call the same day and be seen? YES! This is the whole idea behind the urgent headache care program. It is for that really tough headache migraine that is not responding to the typical medicine and other tricks you use to battle your headaches as a safe, effective, and natural alternative to an ER visit.

3. Can I call on a weekend and be seen that day? We do check our clinic phone and Facebook messages all weekend, and if there is a physical therapist available, we will call you back and set up an appointment the same day!

4. Will my insurance cover the appointment? Since there is no therapy code that takes into account the immediately available appointment on the same day, consisting of more treatment than the complete evaluation paperwork required by insurance plans, there is no insurance reimbursement available for this appointment type.

5. How much headache relief can I expect from one visit? Most patients note an improvement of 80-100%. It is extremely rare (<3%) that there is no improvement in your headache after our treatment.

6. Will this take care of all of my headaches, or will I need on-going care? While some patients experience long term headache relief, typically your headache may partially return the next day at a much more mild and tolerable level. We do recommend that if you have an on-going headache problem that is not well controlled with the tools you have at home to address it that you seek additional care from a headache specialist at MotionWorks or elsewhere.