Pretty Watterfall Scene

Welcome May! Finally some warm weather is here to enjoy. While planning for tons of summer fun with the whole family is well underway, sometimes it’s just nice to sneak away to bask in the sunshine next to a lake, river, or stream and take a little time to reflect all by yourself.

The Pulitzer Prize winning poet Carl Sandburg once said, “It is necessary… for a man to go away by himself… to sit on a rock… and ask, ‘Who am I, where have I been, and where am I going?’” Have you ever done that? I admit that I really used to enjoy those quiet times on a walk going really nowhere, and then happen upon a neat little place to sit down and ponder the world, my life, my goals, and anything else that randomly came to mind. And while I took the time several times a year to do just that on the banks of the Milwaukee River or on a bluff overlooking Lake Michigan, that was years ago before the loud pandemonium of marriage and kids and a life over-filled with busyness took over. I really need to make the time these days to just be able to think, much less find a little inspiring wayside in which to lose myself. Odds are much better if I simply run away from home, I can outrun the noise and neediness of little ones, breathe deeply, and reflect on how far I have come, and how much further I have yet to go.

This month, however you find the time, and wherever you find the inspiration, take some time to soak in the beautiful outdoors, keep the cell phone at home, and lose yourself in reflection. Take time to be thankful, time to be inquisitive, time to courageously dream about overcoming daily obstacles, and time to wistfully imagine your future goals complete. I have found that these are the times that are truly refreshing, changing our attitudes for the better, and pushing us to make the most of every moment and every day God has given us. This brief time away will re-charge you with a fresh perspective to tackle the go-go-go times of making the most of our short Wisconsin summer with your friends and family!

Wistfully Yours,
Jill Murphy
Owner/Physical Therapist
MotionWorks Physical Therapy