Seasons of Change

Dear MotionWorks Family,

October is a month of change. Anyone who lives here in Wisconsin feels this change- excited about the gorgeous fall colors, but reluctant to embrace what follows. The trees produce new leaves in May, provide lovely shade for the heat of the summer, then they shrivel up and die, but thankfully produce a spectacular display of color right before they’re gone. Next comes winter. But before even winter hits, is the ugly brown, bare trees of November.

Seasons of ChangeYes, we have all of the seasons here in Wisconsin, and I have yet to meet anyone who loves them all. Yet we stay. We still enjoy our lives. We play basketball inside in winter, or some of us embrace the cold and snowy outdoors on snowmobile and skis. We get outside and get some fresh air to take advantage of each nice day in spring (because honestly in Wisconsin, there aren’t too many of those). I have to believe autumn is just about everyone’s favorite time, given the perfect temperatures for hoodies, bonfires, and hikes through the woods. And November? I honestly have nothing good to say about November, other than looking forward to a gathering on the fourth Thursday of the month focused on gratitude with friends and family sitting around one table.

I couldn’t think of a better analogy for life than our seasons. Each day, week, or month in our life brings its own good and bad, ups and downs, and most completely unanticipated. When we embark on a longer path of change, whether starting school, the first year with all of our kids in school all day, becoming an empty nester, retirement, or numerous other possibilities, we become like those trees in November, our branches empty and bare. Then the snow comes to add a little sparkle and glistening to the bare limbs, hinting at a little hope. And then, just when it seems as if nothing is happening, sure enough, buds begin to appear. Soon after, hope for new life comes to life in the vibrant green leaves that embody health and vigor. And then just when all is comfortable and new routines are set, we enjoy a wonderful peak of emotions in the bounty of fall colors, only to yet again lose the dying leaves to the breeze. Then the cycle starts all over again. One could end this analogy here, but then we would lose the full depth of its meaning. When we take a moment to step back to take in the view of the entire tree itself, we notice it has grown- wider, taller, and stronger. And if we are wise, we stop to give thanks for the sun, the rain, and the nutrients in the soil and the Creator who provided these things required for sustaining and nurturing life, allowing each of us to survive even the longest winter.

It may just be time to apply the above analogy to things outside of your personal life to this whole COVID crisis that has changed everything as we know it in our daily lives. It might be a good time to be thankful that we have made it this far, although not without bumps, bruises, and maybe even some scars. But it may just be time to look ahead, and recognize even today, that there are bright spots- the virus is attenuating, meaning, the death rate for COVID truly has reduced (as all viruses due over time) through 8+ strains of the virus down to a virus only as fatal as the seasonal flu. It is actually likely at this point that the vaccine will not even be necessary as the cases eventually fade, and the death rate continues to decline. And then slowly, like Wisconsinites stepping out of their front door on the first nice spring day without any masks, we all will be able to breathe deep and recognize the worst is over, and the best is still yet to come.

At MotionWorks, we can’t wait for that day! But literally, we also can’t wait for that day- as we are a small family business committed to delivering you and your family the highest quality, patient-centered physical therapy right now, today! We are committed to continuing to be here, delivering that care in the safest way possible. As we celebrate our 9th anniversary this month (and celebrate Physical Therapy Month), we reflect back on our growth with fond memories for the past and hope and anticipation of great things in our future- thanks to the love and loyalty from our MotionWorks friends and family like you!

Authentically Yours,


Dr. Jill Murphy
Owner & Founder, MotionWorks Physical Therapy