Should I be in good health before starting a fitness class?

Fitness class in AppletonJill Murphy, DPT, LAT, CSCS

Question: I would like to participate in your Build a Better Body Class, but I have a nagging back injury. Will I be okay with taking the class, or do I need to be in good health before I sign up for the class?

Answer: Even though our Build a Better Body Class is taught by a strength and conditioning specialist who also happens to be a physical therapist, you will be much better served by first taking care of any current injuries that impact your physical function prior to starting the class. Build a Better Body class requires full use of all of your joints and muscles, and the expectation of the instructor is that you are healthy and fully ready to participate. If you do start class with an injury, you will be unable to complete all of the activities and may actually make your injury worse. Consult with your physician or physical therapist first, and achieve a healthy state ready for advanced activity to successfully participate in and achieve the full benefits of Build a Better Body class without being frustrated by a lingering old injury or creating a new injury. Call MotionWorks at 920-215-2050 for a free injury screening if you are unsure of your injury status, and we can help you decide on your next steps to get and stay healthy and active!

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