MotionWorks Physical Therapy Spine Injury Prevention Program

Back Pain


Are back injury claims ruining an otherwise injury-free quarter? Is the number of back and neck injuries sustained at home increasing medical claims costs, resulting in unsustainable hikes in your company’s annual health insurance premiums? If so, you’re not alone.


The Problem

  • Back pain represents 40% of all recorded absences from work.
  • Annual costs of back pain in the US are $20-50 billion.
  • Low back pain is the second most common reason for an office visit to a primary physician, and accounts for 15% of the cases of workers compensation injuries in Wisconsin.
  • The average cost of a workers compensation claim in Wisconsin is $26,000, not including indemnity payments.
  • For each injured worker, there are additional costs for finding and training the worker’s replacement, increased workers compensation insurance rate due to a change in EMR rating, and possible litigation costs.
  • When workers are off work due to injury, they are 10x more likely to never return.

The Solution

The MotionWorks Physical Therapy Spine Injury Prevention Program is a research-based spine injury prevention program with a proven track record of reducing the incidence and costs of back injury claims. It is a unique program in that is individualized to meet the needs of each company and specific work groups within each company. However, the premise of the program is based on a research-proven standardized approach of instruction in stabilization exercises.

Workers CompensationThe program begins by a visit to the worksite by a licensed physical therapist to perform on-site worker observation and ergonomic analysis to determine the specific needs of the identified workgroup.

Next, a meeting is scheduled with the workgroup supervisor(s) and a representative from administration to communicate the results of the ergonomic analysis and determine the goals of administration for the presentation.

Finally, the two hour employee presentation includes the following content areas:

  • Spine injury risk factors
  • Spine anatomy and common injuries
  • Spine stabilization basics
  • Advanced spine stabilization
  • Body mechanics training
  • Job specific movements with specific task simulation
  • Q & A

The MotionWorks Spine Injury Prevention Program focuses on individual employee buy-in, personal wellness responsibility, and a teamwork approach for workers to assist each other in improving body mechanics on the job. We teach your employees specific tips and tricks they can use at home to improve the health of their spine and overall wellness as they learn stabilization exercises and body mechanics for squatting, bending, twisting, and lifting. Posture assessments and ergonomics for computer use at home and work are also incorporated into the highly interactive program.

The Results

Actual results from the MotionWorks Spine Injury Prevention Program in the Fox Valley which includes workgroups of custodians, paraprofessionals, office workers, and food service staff:

  • 78.2% decrease in low back pain claims*
  • 27% decrease in chiropractic claims*
  • 12.2% decrease in general medical claims*

*Data for an average of 9 months following program compared to pre-program claims data


With the ability to train your work groups up to 40-60 members at a time, the licensed physical therapists at MotionWorks Physical Therapy deliver an effective message with the proven ability to inspire behavior changes. The result is cost savings of tens of thousands of dollars in reduced medical claims, decreased hours lost due to work injuries, decreased costs associated with recruiting and training new workers to replace those lost to permanent disability, and eliminating increases in workers compensation insurance rates.

Should your employees sustain a back injury, they are now one step ahead in the treatment plan, as they have already been instructed in the basic stabilization exercises that will serve as the core of their rehabilitation program.

Faster Return to Work

If your employees need physical therapy for any work or non-work related injuries, MotionWorks Physical Therapy offers priority scheduling for your employees with before and after work hours available, improving productivity and reducing lost time due to injury.

  • Initial evaluations within 24 hours.
  • Treatments are provided by the same physical therapist, improving the quality and continuity of care.
  • Manual physical therapy speeds healing and pain relief, allowing faster recovery time.
  • We treat your injured worker like an athlete needing to return to their sport and their team ASAP!
  • Work injury evaluation, treatment, and FCE’s available.

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