Spring is Coming

Tim and McKenzieAhh… March has finally arrived! It has taken quite a long time to maneuver from the glistening first snowfall in December to the happily diminishing snowbanks and snowdrifts, albeit ever so slowly, from the roadsides and landscapes of Wisconsin. The promise of spring is right around the corner, so close you can nearly smell it in the air as you hear the birds chirping as you walk out the door in the morning.

It’s sometimes hard during these long Wisconsin winters to keep a positive attitude when you are sun deprived and stir crazy along with your young children who are just itching to go outside to scooter and ride bike and draw sunny rainbow pictures with sidewalk chalk. I have to admit gazing longingly at seed catalogs, only to be dismayed at how many months it still will be until I can plant my first annual or seed the garden. Such anticipation of the sun, warmth, and summertime!

In this month’s newsletter, we’re giving you some ideas on how to break the winter doldrums and get ready for swimsuit season with specials on our popular Zumba and Build a Better Body fitness classes! We also have a fun and challenging one-time only class, Have a Ball! on April Fool’s Day, to walk you through the wide variety of exercises you can do on a plyoball right in your own home! And for those of you increasing your mileage for the next big race this spring, we are offering specials all month long on individualized running evaluations with video gait analysis to keep the swing in your step without the bother of injuries.

Forget the winter blahs! There’s no better way to boost your mood by setting some new fitness goals- try a new adventure, race, hiking locale, or fitness regimen to pick up your pace as we welcome more daylight and sunshine in the months ahead! Or spend some special slow-down-and-smell-the-roses time with the kids and grandkids, and re-experience the newness and joys of springtime discoveries as you enjoy the great outdoors together!

Happy Spring!
Jill Murphy
Owner/Physical Therapist
MotionWorks Physical Therapy