Summertime Bucket List

Addy enjoying a summer concertAugust already? I say this with even more sarcasm than my school aged children! How did this happen? Yet here it is and school begins again in just another week or two!

As any well-organized mom does, thankfully I packed our summer full of fun stuff all along the way, so we don’t have too many things left to do on our summertime bucket list. Big summer vacation, check. Trip to the zoo, check. Trip to a (children’s) museum, check. Trip to the beach, check. Breakfast on the Farm, check. Trip to the fair- fun! and check. With Bay Beach planned for this weekend and our traditional Labor Day trip to the beach still looming ahead, our family is right on schedule.

Every summer I am in awe as to how easy it is in the state of Wisconsin to check all of these fun things off the list, and yet there were another hundred things we could have done. In the Fox Valley area, there are special events for kids of all ages, all the time, many of which are free! We really are blessed to live in an area rich with life and culture and so supportive for families with young children. Events like fire station open houses, touch a truck, Shattuck Park Out to Lunch, and the Neenah Summer Fun Run are just a few of the extra little events our family enjoyed this summer free of charge. If you are one of the numerous volunteers for these events, thank you so much. Please know that your time gave my children lots of joy and opportunity to participate in events that capture their attention and that are memorable enough to tell their friends and grandparents about for weeks on end.

With all the busyness of the summer, don’t forget about teaching your kids how to wind down and relax as well. Rainy day movie days, picnics in the park, lying down on the grass and finding animals in the clouds, catching a shooting star, and enjoying that Popsicle on the back porch. The time we spend just hanging out with our kids produce the richest conversations about the present, the future, and about life itself.

There are just a few days left before the crazy-packed fall schedule begins. Take a few moments for rest, peace, and just chilling on the backyard hammock in between the back to school shopping, haircuts, and organizing. You and your kids will be so glad you did!

Bottoms up (kool aid of course  😊)!
Jill Murphy
Owner/Physical Therapist
MotionWorks Physical Therapy