Ten Things You May Not Know About Jill Murphy

Jill Murphy is the owner and a physical therapist at MotionWorks. Read her bio and credentials here. But if you really want to get to know Jill, here are the top ten things you may not know about her...

Jill Murphy Basketball10) Loved being a 3 sport athlete in high school, participating in volleyball, basketball, and sprinting in track.

9) Served as President of the Lena Rocketeers 4-H club as a kid.

8) Was the ping pong champion of my high school P.E. class. Now that I know it’s an Olympic sport, I’d better start practicing again!

7) Used to be a wedding singer, singing and playing piano for friends’ weddings.

6) I still enjoy teaching piano one night a week to the kids in the neighborhood.

5) Was valedictorian of a class of 37 at Lena High School (yes, a public high school in Lena, Wisconsin).

4) Major factor in saying “yes” to a proposal for marriage by my husband Tim: Badger football season tickets. (Sorry honey, at least I didn’t hold out for Packer season tickets with someone else!:)

3) I make a killer apple pie with a homemade crust that is actually healthy (secret is olive oil instead of shortening in the crust). MotionWorks just might share that recipe on Facebook this Thanksgiving!

2) I chose to concentrate on getting athletic training internship hours instead of taking the time to play Division 3 basketball in college largely due to a lingering back injury, but I still have dreams of playing competitive basketball with my kids cheering me on from the stands. Yes, I actually dream it! Hey, I still have eligibility!

1) Even though I have completed several marathons, including a half marathon while six months pregnant, the athletic feat I am most proud of is hiking the Grand Canyon down to the river and back up in one day. That, and setting the school obstacle course record for girls in the 4th grade!