Thank You!

MotionWorks Physical Therapy clinicGreetings from the most beautiful place in the world! Our own Wisconsin backyards, scenic highways and byways on the way to work, and just outside of our workplaces where the leaves are turning golden yellow, reds, and oranges.

We really love fall at MotionWorks! Not only does the magnificent ride into work through Neenah lift our spirits, but so do all of the great events we participate in this time of year! Between the big workout party that is the Fox Cities Marathon, our business anniversary (turned two this year!), our Fall Flourish Ladies Night Out, the return of Build a Better Body Classes, the beginning of the Sports Medicine Career Explorers new school and program year, and this year our special new addition that arrived just in time to take in the splendor of autumn, we have much to be thankful for and celebrate! This past month we have literally met hundreds of people who believe in the same things we do, working out, working hard to improve your quality of life, continuously learning, and taking time to enjoy life and build relationships!

Thank you to everyone who has made our first two years in business an amazing success! Several years ago we had a goal of offering patients a little bit extra as we delivered high quality physical therapy close to home. Two years later we are excited to deliver on that promise every day, and have physicians and individual consumers in our community who value one on one physical therapy that takes the time to address the entire person's needs. Thank you to Tim Murphy for all of his assistance at the drop of a hat and his undying support for this little dream, and for Cathy Murphy, an outstanding addition to our team- the glue that holds everything together- thank you! And to our fill-in physical therapists, physicians, students, the ladies at Westowne Center, fitness clients, friends, family, and patients who tell others about what we do, we thank you so much!! It's quite the leap off a cliff to go out on your own when you could comfortably stay where you are in life, so thank you to everyone who has truly helped make this crazy dream a reality and make our fall season of celebration that much sweeter!

With appreciation,
Jill Murphy
Owner/Physical Therapist
MotionWorks Physical Therapy