Top 10 Things You Don't Know About Me

By: Steve Wowzynski, MPT, CMPTP-DN


10. I’m a big movie fan!  Star Wars, Star Trek, Marvel Universe, and science fiction in general, action adventure, comedy and some drama films are in my wheelhouse.

9. I might be old but still enjoy adult sports in a basketball league, coed soccer, and coed sand volleyball.

8. I home brew 1-3 batches of beer per month. Of the 20 batches I’ve made, my favorites have been the Imperial Maple Stout and a hazy double dry hop (DDH) New England IPA.

7. Fishing is a big part of my life.  I have caught Muskie (fish of 10,000 casts) but love bass fishing!  They jump out of the water and even little ones fight!

6. I will participate in and enjoy karaoke and trivia, live or virtually!

5. I love baseball, not unlimited arch softball.  I’d always ground out to short, never understood how those guys could bomb home runs.

4. MotionWorks owner, Dr. Jill Murphy, and I worked together at the Bellin West Sports Medicine Clinic for quite a few years.  In 2006, we joined with another Bellin employee in responding to a Code Blue in the fitness center locker room, and we were able to save a man’s life in the middle of a heart attack.

3. I like to run, but only for beer. I do the annual Point Bock and Central Waters 5-mile fun runs for beer (except during Covid lockdown because virtual is not fun, it’s just running). I am planning to run the Grand Island half marathon in the summer and yes, you get beer at the end.

2. On rainy/snowy/or really cold days, I make my girls watch my favorite childhood movies ranging from Star Wars or Indiana Jones to The Princess Brid- As You Wish!

1. I picked up more than just a Masters of Physical Therapy back in the day while attending grad school at Carroll University. So the story goes... it was the very first day of physical therapy school, and while I was on a walk to the library with some PT school classmates, it started to rain. A female classmate by the name of Vanessa may or may not have been wearing a white T-shirt that day; so I, being the perfect gentleman, offered Vanessa my jacket. Two grad degrees and three kids later, we are still happily married, living in Waupaca, and soaking up the crazy time of the kids-in-everything stage of life.