Top Ten Old School and New Fangled Diet Tips for the New Year

Diet TipsDiet tips fly around this time of year in quantities nearly equal to the snow flakes that fall on the Lake Superior shoreline, but we just couldn't resist a top ten list that includes the best of both old-school diet tips passed down from our parents and grandparents, and the latest and greatest tips we have learned from science. So, here we go...

Old School Goodies

10) Never eat after 8pm. Grandma always followed this one and stayed in tip-top shape, so I’m a believer!

9) Drink a full glass of water before you eat. Makes you feel full before you even start.

8) Eat more soups that are broth versus cream based. Again, more volume equals fewer calories ingested by the time you feel full.

7) Eat a healthy snack before attending any parties to take the “I’m ravenously hungry” edge off before you get there.

6) Never shop when you are hungry to prevent unhealthy and unnecessary food purchases.

New Fangled, Science-Based Ideas

5) Always mix cardio work-outs with strength training- whether circuit or free weight, pumping iron helps you lose inches faster while toning your body!

4) Avoid diet drinks-they are not a healthy choice, and can be stealthily reducing your ability to lose weight. Besides the aspartame or other potentially unhealthy sugar substitutes, your body knows you are drinking something that should have sugar, so it finds a way to replace the missing sugar with something else sugary in your diet later in the day.

3) Skip fad diets. Your best “diet” will be one that is healthy and balanced with a wide variety of foods in smaller portions, so that once you lose the weight, you will be able to successfully keep it off the rest of your life.

2) Reduce your calorie-laden beverage consumption by replacing 1-2 servings per day with a glass of ice water.

1) Work out in the morning before you eat. It burns more fat calories compared to working out after your meal, and we could all use some of that!