Your Physical Therapist for Life!

Dear MotionWorks Family,

October is my favorite month! Between the warmth of our favorite fall sweaters and the smell of hot apple crisp, pumpkin everything, bonfires, and fresh fallen leaves (I know, they’re dying), what’s not to love? It also happens to be our anniversary month at MotionWorks Physical Therapy! Seven years ago, our clinic first opened and treated our first patients on 1158 Westowne Drive in Neenah.

While a lot can change in the world of healthcare in 7 years, we’re prouder of what we have managed to keep the same. Yes, we have made upgrades to our fitness equipment, added classes, opened our Get Fit Gym, attended many continuing education courses, and introduced new and effective treatment innovations to continually improve the physical therapy care that we deliver. But as clinics grow and age over time, we’ve noticed that customer service tends to dwindle as the original shine of new facilities fades over time.

How do we continue our passion for delivering our brand promise of exceeding our patient’s expectations by delivering exceptional quality physical therapy care? We intentionally focus on it! At every meeting, at special trainings, and with daily reading, brainstorming, improvements in policies and processes, and listening and responding to employee and patient feedback, we are constantly working to improve. We don’t just want to be your physical therapist for the moment you need us during your current injury. We work hard to remain your physical therapist for life!

We want to be your healthcare resource, and assist you and your family in any way that we can. Whether it is providing health information through our monthly newsletters, website, Facebook page, or Twitter, or answering your questions from emails, phone calls, on Facebook, at expos and anywhere else, we are here to help in any way that we can. We love to provide referrals to other providers here in town, and out of town if you happen to be a Snowbird in the winter. We understand that healthcare can be confusing. Choosing a provider can be confusing. Figuring out insurance coverage can be challenging, too. We are here, ready to help- don’t be afraid to ask!

This month, we have a couple of helpful articles to assist you in becoming the best healthcare advocate that you can be for yourself. I certainly have always known, but this year’s health challenges again reiterated the absolute necessity in advocating for your own healthcare, especially when no one else seems that concerned. You know when something is seriously wrong, and when no one is listening, that’s a very scary place to be. Without advocating for my own care with the right specialists in the right timing, I very well may never have returned to work without urgent surgical intervention for my quickly deteriorating heart condition, or worse. It was difficult for me to get what I needed in a timely fashion even though I knew how to press the issues on all fronts. It wasn’t until I refused to leave Rochester that my providers finally realized how serious the problem was! I can only imagine how overwhelming the process of obtaining the right healthcare at the right time from the right specialists can be for non-healthcare providers. That’s why we are here to be a resource for advice and assistance whenever you need us.

If you are enjoying excellent health today, great job! Be thankful and keep up all of your good health habits! If you are feeling a little challenged, don’t be afraid to reach out and ask for help! We may not have all the answers, but we are happy to point you in the right direction. We love what we do because of the lifelong relationships we form with our patients. We care not only about the physical therapy we provide, we care about you!

Thank you for entrusting us with your physical therapy care for the past seven years! While we are excited about what we have accomplished so far, we look forward to the next several years as we continually work to improve and exceed your expectations for quality physical therapy care! We appreciate your referrals to your friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers, and sharing the good work that we do with your physicians, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners! We are so excited for the future- the best is yet to come!

Yours Truly,
Dr. Jill Murphy
Owner/Physical Therapist
MotionWorks Physical Therapy